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  • Classic PhoneTools 9.0

    classic phone tools is a program that allows your cell phone to work with your computer. This program allows your computer to fax information using your cell phone. With this program you are able to email, fax, phone and
  • Bill Catchem's BC Tools 1.0

    BC tools let's you save money on your phone bill, select your service provider and apply for reduced rates and free telephone services! It also provide you with additional tools to further dramatically reduce you phone
  • Windows Phone SDK (Windows Phone Developer Tools) 7.1.1

    This Visual Studio integrated developer environment (IDE) is designed for testing of Windows phone 7 Series phone applications. These tools includes the following: Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows phone as
  • Mobile Phone Tools v3 4.04

    Use Mobile phone tools with your laptop to create a complete mobile office. Install it on your laptop and synchronize your PC and your cell phone. Your contacts, calendar and tasks will always be in sync and you™ll be
  • Reverse Lookup Cell Phone Numbers 1.2

    If you have a residential phone number in your possession but can not remember whom the number belongs to or what address it relates to, in that case, Reverse Lookup Cell phone Numbers 1.2 can locate it accurately. Look
  • tuitalker

    Call your friends all over the world! Wherever you are in the world, you can make free international and domestic phone calls to over 40 countries. Whether you're using your laptop in L.A. or your mobile phone in
  • e-manage Communicator SMS Tools 2.0

    e-manage Communicator SMS tools provide three simple tools for users. It allows you search such as find phone,address and reverse phone. Also allows you Send SMS Messages and browse
  • MyToGo for Skype

    MyToGo for Skype works with ANY phone and Skype Worldwide! Skype Rates for Local or International Calls from ANY phone Now Take Skype ANYWHERE You Go Using ANY phone Check Skype Voice mail from ANY phone free Call
  • Expression Blend Add-in Preview 2 for Windows Phone 1.1.20421.0

    Expression bLend 4 enables you to rapidly take your ideas from concept to completion helping you deliver innovative applications on Windows phone. Expression Blend 4 for Windows phone provides exactly the same
  • Windows Phone Developer Tools

    Windows phone Developer Toolkit is required to develop Windows phone 7 applications, specifically: Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows phone and Expression Blend 4 for Windows phone. These tools provide the same
  • Windows Phone Power Tools

    The Windows phone Power tools are a natural extension to the developer tools that come with the Windows phone SDK. Instead of allowing you to only install developer xaps the Power tools let you test update scenarios by
  • Visual Basic for Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP September 2010

    This CTP enables Visual Basic developers to create Windows phone 7 applications with the final version of the Windows phone Developer tools. Please install this Community Technology Preview to develop Windows phone 7
  • Free FLV to Google Phone Converter 4.0.07

    Total free FLV to Google phone Converter to convert FLV and SWF Video to Google phone Video. This free FLV to google phone Converter can convert all FLV and SWF Video to google phone.. It can also allow you to adjust
  • JAJAH Click-to-call 1.0.1722

    JAJAH is free and low-cost global calling with your regular phone. There is no headset, no download, no software and no broadband connection needed. You are using your existing phone (landline or mobile) and so is the
  • Hewbo Free Audio Converter 2.00

    Hewbo free Audio Converter can help you convert all videos and audios to MP3, MP2, OGG, WMA, WAV, AAC, AC3, AU, MMF, M4A for free. Audio Formats * MP3 * MP2 * AAC * AC3 * AU * M4A * MMF * OGG * WAV * WMA Apple Devices *
  • Victory Racing SE 1.0

    Victory Racing SE is a PC game follow-up to Victory Road, the classic arcade style racing game, but is a faster, louder, much better version. The game provides Outlandish racing cars, OTT crash sequences and classic
  • Scooby Doo Screensaver 3.0

    Scooby Doo free classic Screensaver Download the free Scooby Doo classic Screensaver from Zoinks! It s no mystery that you re in for a classic good time with Scooby and Shaggy with this
  • Mobeefree PC Dialer 1.0.1

    Featuring the industry's lowest rates, amazing clarity and call management tools,'s new Windows PC Application is designed to make inexpensive phone calls easier than ever before. Try it now, for free.
  • 3CX VOIP Phone 6.0

    A useful VOIP / SIP phone 3CX VOIP phone is a useful and free VOIP / SIP phone. Use your PC as a phone. Works with any SIP / VOIP provider/ phone service. Use instead of the soft phone provided by your VOIP provider
  • GX30 USB-Handset Manager 7.0

    The Sharp GX30 Handset Manager is a Suite specially designed for the Sharp mobile phones and includes multiple configuration tools for each of the phone functionalities. This includes:- Contact List management for
  • Fly B720 DUO PC Tools

    Fly B720 DUO PC tools is a powerful software with which you can manage your mobile phone simply and easily by computer. And with it you can make your mobile phone full of personality and your life full of efficiency. To
  • Liquid Mix HD 1.2

    Liquid Mix HD | TDM Plugin for Pro tools HD. Key Features * Variety of classic Emulations 40 compressors and 20 EQs, sampled from vintage originals with a free expanding Library online. * Dynamic Convolution
  • Vopium GSM 1.30.2

    Premium voice quality No change of SIM card or Operator No hidden charges Supports major platforms like Java, Symbian, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, iphone and Android. Supports more than 900 devices visit our site (link
  • Phone Spy Pro 2.5.2

    phone Spy Pro phone Spy Pro is a stealth spy software which allows you to secretly record all activities of your smart phone. phone Spy Pro alows you to listen to actual phone calls and record every SMS and log every
  • Classic Menu for Office 2010 Starter 64bit 2.0

    The software is free for personal use. It brings back the familiar Office 2003 and 2007 toolbars and menus into your new ribbon interface of Microsoft Office 2010 64-bit. It only includes classic Menu for Word, Excel and
  • FreePhoneLine 3.0.3

    Have your voicemails delivered to your private email accounts as an audio file, or check them from your freephoneline softphone or Home phone. All incoming phone numbers are displayed on the freephoneline softphone or
  • Babar Sky Screensaver 3.0

    Babar Sky free classic Screensaver Download the free Babar Sky classic Screensaver from Take to the skies with the famed King of the Elephants and his flying family with this adorable
  • Click-4-Net Phone 1.12

    The pioneer in virtual prepaid phone cards sold through the Internet is proud to introduce Click4Netphone. Click4Netphone was designed to unleash the power of VOIP to save even more precious on your telecom
  • Buzzfon p2p 06

    Download Buzzfon Now, a new technological voip breakthrough that will enable you to make free, unlimited pc to pc, pc to phone, phone to pc and phone to phone calls worldwide! The clearest calls possible! Talk all you
  • DirtyPhoneBook Toolbar 1.0.2

    With the DirtyphoneBook Toolbar, you can access and get free information on any phone number from anywhere on the Internet. Just type the phone number into the DirtyphoneBook Toolbar, or click the